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Court Cases Actions Legal Matters & Remedies in Divination. A person who has faced or is facing a court case is well apprehensive of the problem arising from it. Such a person can face a different types of problems like social misprision, family disgrace, fiscal crunch etc. Whether this case is in the District Court, Family Court, High Court or Supreme Court, as long as the case continues, you’ll feel the trouble.

Through divination, you can know whether there’s a sum of a court case in your horoscope or not? If there’s some yoga of court case available in your birth map also you can fluently get out of this problem through astrological remedies.The Astrological Reason for Court Cases

Then in this horoscope Lagna lord( tone) and 6th house( represent court case) lord Mars aspect seventh house( house of the partner) this combination indicates disagreement and divorce with the partner.
Lagna and the 7th house is the axis of the Rahu, Ketu globes. Rahu is in the partner’s house and the malefic globes Mars aspect indicates a problem in family life.
Seventh lord Venus is devitalized and placed in the 11th house.
Saturn aspect sixth house so some detention in the court case indicate.
In this horoscope, Jupiter is looking at the sixth house from the alternate place, indicating that any disagreement will be settled outside the court.