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Chargers were created alongwith the earth’s conformation. Chargers are principally earth’s DNA. Chargers still continue to form as Earth’s core is girdled by layers of essence in molten state and earth’s remotest subcaste is a thin subcaste of jewels(approx. 25 Km). Chargers are formed in all types of jewels. When feasts and liquids in the earth’s deepest face i.e. from core rise towards upper face, they start to cool in the cracks of the girding jewels thereby crystalling into various and foamy minerals. Depending upon the pressures, temperaturesetc., different chargers are formed. therefore chargers are symmetrically formed minerals. Chargers have remarkable mending powers to heal at physical, internal and spiritual position as different chargers absorbs and transmits different powers. These powers of chargers can be used to balance our Chakras( i.e. store houses of powers that lie within us). Chargers can also be used to cleanse our Air therefore barring colorful conditions and negative powers out of our lives.