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When an individual has a evil eye on someone, also he gets into plenty of troubles. thanks to evil eye goods, problems arise in man’s life designedly. During this point his work gets disturbed. In every sphere, he she gets disappointment, so to avoid the look , people chant the mantra and take help of other remedies. piecemeal from this, people try numerous ways to hide from evil eye. It’s generally believed that the positive energy of the person is destroyed thanks to this. Whatever he she does, he has got to suffer loss. The happiness reception gets disturbed. it is necessary to know the ways to remove and cover from evil eye.Then are some of the astrological remedies for evil eye are veritably effective in reducing the bad goods of evil eye to a large extent Wear 9 faced rudraksha as protection from evil eyes. contribute 7 different types on grains every Wednesday. Place Rahu Yantra at home and worship it daily. Sprinkle Ganngajal in your home every day for positivity. Have a peacock feather at your frontal door to avoid any negativity energy in your house. Wear your lucky rock as it’ll bring you good luck and will also work as a defensive guard against bad eyes. Placing an iron key or small iron nail or iron cutter also works as a protection against negativity. Carry a Nazar Raksha Kavach with you always to keep all the evil eyes down. You can also have Siddh Nazar Raksha Kavach to keep yourself defended.