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Spiritual Mending is actually a non touch remedy that make use of subtle powers for mending. It’s done through the trained healer. The positive energy through his or her hands passes to you to heal you. It’s done through eight different ways including sound remedy, demitasse mending and pillar of light. typically a single mending session lasts for an hour. Spiritual mending system starts from the head and moves towards bases. After the end of the session person feels too relaxed and out of this realm. Specific area of your body are rejuvenated by this positive energy. utmost of the mortal problems like conditions, depression, internal stress, physical problems, arthritis, broken bones etc can be cured successfully with this power tool of mending. Spiritual healer keeps on lading yoSpiritual Mending is one of the most interesting order of volition and reciprocal drug. Spiritual mending is a methodical and purposeful intervention performed by one or further people to help another person, concentrated on perfecting their conditions( 6 – 9). There’s substantiation that the use of spiritual mending has been adding fleetly over time, worldwide. Over64.1 of Americans take advantage of prayer and spiritual mending. The word “ spiritual mending ” is a general term that encompasses a range of styles( 10 – 11). Healing prayer is one the orders of spiritual mending. In mending prayer, the healer doesn’t have any contact with the case’s body; also called distant mending or distant mending prayer. Spiritual mending through mending prayer frequently involves healers. Healers are those who performnon-medical treatment by hands or from distance( 12 – 14). Spiritual mending through prayer has at least two factors as the philanthropist; someone with a physical or internal illness and the healer; one who uses the power of faith and prayer to heal( 3). In Iran, some cases relate healers to supplicate for their mending( 13). The healers claim that they can complete cure for the cases'( philanthropist’s) complaint through mending prayer( 11).