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Property & House Problem

Property & House Problem
Solve the Property Disputes by The Help Of Psychic Shankar

In a family, the property is said to be distributed among the children in equal shares. But it happens sometimes that there is an unequal distribution of movable and immovable assets. This can become the cause of the property dispute. Property disputes are seen in a family where the parents have not distributed the shares accordingly and equally. Property disputes can take a lot of time if they are not solved on time. Psychic Shankar will give you the necessary assistance in solving the property disputes.

The Reasons behind Property Disputes

There can be many reasons behind a family property dispute. A family undergoes many financial changes over time and this can take up the family or pull them down. It is important to carefully face every situation and deal with all the problems with the help of Psychic Shankar. The main reason because of which the property disputes happen is greed. When a person is greedy and wants most of the shares and property for itself then the issue of property dispute is seen. Another reason can be uneven distribution by parents. These problems are a result of planetary disturbances in the horoscope of anyone in the family.

How To Solve Property Disputes By Astrology?

Vedic astrology offers a number of solutions which can put an end to the property disputes. Disputes are caused if the fourth house is in the property house then most of your life will be spent in court cases. These remedies are given by Psychic Shankar and are very effective. If these remedies do not help, then book an appointment with the renowned and get a more powerful solution. The remedies are as follows:

  • Offer a jaggery roti to a bull or a cow.
  • Fill milk in a glass bottle and hide it in the disputed land and this will help in equal share distribution.
  • Wearing a ring made of gold, silver and copper and wearing it in the ring finger on Tuesday will help too.
  • Worship Goddess Laxmi every day will also bring luck and money.
Contact Psychic Shankar for All Solutions?

Many people have this problem of property disputes in their family and it is becoming difficult for people to handle that alone. So seeing this Astrologer psyche is available at all times and on all days. You can contact him on the phone number given on the website to fix an appointment. You can do the same by asking for details of the appointment on email or WhatsApp. Consult our astrologer in his number: +1 954-991-8739 and you can send him your question via email at